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Please don't blow the save tonight. I'm keeping the faith.

Hi! Oh wait... You're gone. It's sad, but also very happy at the same time. xoxo

I believe it's the one I'm tweeting from right now... At 35,000 feet.

Heard "Flake" by live from the .. while lying in bed. ❤️ So relaxing. Thanks, hometown boy.

Thank you, Jhonny! Holliday scores in extra innings. Fun game & a beautiful stadium. RT #WALKOFF JHONNY!

Was his first name Dean?

I'm a goofball

Thanks, dad. Duly noted.

Funniest "out of context" text ever... ❤️

It all makes perfect sense now....

I had no idea you're competing in the Miss Illinois pageant (at NorthShore Center)! I'll mail your packet.

"Air Rinehart. Best show yet. ✌️❤️&

Bring. It. On! #NTB

Guess who's back... ❤️

Go Kings Go! Do it for my puppy, Luc. ❤️

Would love to be at the during Nadal/Ferrerr match right now. #tb to The French Open: Ferrerr in the rain.❤️☔️

? This sad...

Thanks for the gorgeous snow, "Electra." Question. Since when did they start letting Prince name snowstorms?

Midnight in Paris. Je t'aime, my baby. ❤️

Someone photo stalking your Uncle Billy at Cafe Luna. They been "caught"... by me. :)

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