Cody Sanchez


Moderator for @UberEnt, PC gamer, furry. @Halo, @Bungie & @Dota2 fan. 2011/12 @Xbox MVP. Sports a Jiralhanae tattoo. @aboveandbeyond

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To show I ordered a pizza today for entry. :D

...the hell does QT mean? o_o


Busy day at the beach!

Pretty nice view, eh? :3

Eeewwwww o_o

Working Saturday is going to be delicious.

Oh, look at the time! :p

Pfft, hang out with the superior species. ;P

Content with my phone home screen for now. c:

My 3DS XL decal came in. :3

Snazzy lookin' icons. :3

So many things could be in these bagels. o.o


Bahahaha. #ChrisHansenAMA

And the hidden comments! :B