Cody Sanchez


Moderator for @UberEnt, PC gamer, furry. @Halo, @Bungie & @Dota2 fan. 2011/12 @Xbox MVP. Sports a Jiralhanae tattoo. @aboveandbeyond

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Technically a Prinny, with my own changes. x)

I just wanted to play music properly. ;_;

“Trading PS3 for a shotgun, or pistol.” I… why…

O-oh my. o_o



Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a field trip?


God damn it, Facebook. :|

Pretty sure that covers all the important stuff!

I didn't need these feels, Animal Crossing :'(


Oh hi, !

So much chocolate, you'll drown in it!

I... I don't think I like my new neighbor. O________O

Yes. Yes I do.

Damn, those are some classy cupcakes.

Gladly! :D


Halo: Spartan Assault works amazingly well on a touch screen! Thanks for the extended playtime, ! :)