Cody Sanchez


Moderator for @UberEnt, PC gamer, furry. @Halo, @Bungie & @Dota2 fan. 2011/12 @Xbox MVP. Sports a Jiralhanae tattoo. @aboveandbeyond

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. really really likes Peggle 2…


LOOK, IT’S ME! #SouthParkStickOfTruth

OH MAN, great tips Persona 4: Arena!

Out with the old, in with the new. :)

How 2014 started for me. :D

Whoops? :P

I see you like Marvel Super Heroes. A lot. :P

Guess I should’ve used that $15 Gift Card I got while at Best Buy, because buying digital codes is in-store ONLY. :|

My team is awful. >:C

We were doing so good early on… maybe that guy that killed himself as my team’s last death was the cause of the loss…


He’s so angry, he’s going to eat a PS4.

He has a chicken right next to him & dynamite in his desk but he still needs a blueprint to know how to tape them. :|

The iPad app isn’t updating the Pop Fiction video list. :(

The iPad app isn’t updating the Pop Fiction videos list. :(

I saw that! ;)

I think the cat’s comfy.