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it's more about sound. I do have a curtain. It doesn't stop anyone.

I forgot I took a pic for you. I was sitting in your fav spot, right over the wing, watching it flap.

This is just a glimpse of the food tent. #EpicUGM2014

I am restating this again: Coming to work sick is doing a disservice to your coworkers. I'm taking precautions.

Grateful for the time I had. Grateful for the time I get with this little nugget too.

This second. We are on a walk after my run.

What what!!! Watching the start of college football and I see my famous friend on the TV!!!

Walking the dog. No run today since I'll be doing my long run tomorrow instead of Saturday. #runchat


Will he dress in his pimp outfit???

Got a flyer for Road ID. This caught my eye.

Now they are both here and I've moved my working location to join them.

KYLE!!!! #nephew #hethinkshesawesome

Hey! This guy wants to know if you'll be at the shoot on on Saturday. He's been getting ready!

Guess who I got to deliver these to today? Guess who was ready to get into the Word? #bestdayever

I've only done it individually. I use Twittelator but keep the twitter app just for this purpose.

I'm excited about your trip down. Was at a restaurant the other day and this was on my placemat!!

Waiting for my first PT appointment. Have no idea what this is going to entail, aside from running.

I haven't taken a picture of it alone yet, so you get me and the bike.