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WWE fan since the beginning of time, fan of Futbol HALA MADRID! I'm like Batman...but cooler

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What's better than having SUITS SEASON 1? Having SUITS SEASON 2! :D

sooo my sister found my yearbook from my senior year I hadn't seen it since then and look what I found

By far the greatest birthday gift ever! Thanks sis!

Midnight release! #LivetheRevolution!

Too soon Germany?

I'm a dog person I love dogs and dogs love me (except little dogs they're nuts) but this cat photo always makes my day!

4.2 GPA? There must be some sort of mistake on my Grades or I'm a Genuis! Straight A's #neuroastrophysicsguy

do you by chance know who she is? I've been trying forever and still nothing please help!

I feel much much better about her recovery now :)

I can see you on my tv! :D


What do you mean time goes forward an hour? #daylightsavings

of course it explains everything

Who Is Paul McCartney? Are you people serious?

rumbling broski style! :D

my reaction to SOPA

This is gonna be a great weekend! :D

believe it or not this is an actually achievement on Xbox 360 ;)

Just got my new t-shirt just in time for the new year! #Z012 :D

is that celebrating with after winning the WHC? #WWWYKI #WWE12 http://twitpic.com/7ngx50

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