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Tech N9ne/ Aaron Dontez Yates of Strange Music Inc. Has dropped 10 studio albums over a span of 11 years. Get the latest news at my

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IMG00065-20100228-1815.jpg show me a god video part 2! LOL! this song wit bizarre and nate is reminiscent of KOD! My verse is about MOM.

  • 1913 days ago via phone
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IMG00064-20100228-1656.jpgBELIEVER SET FOR BIZARRE!

  • 1914 days ago via phone
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IMG00060-20100221-1753.jpg I don't wear tight jeans like da white boys, but I drink coors light like the white boys! Ha ha ha sittin at the crib writing and had just cracked one b4 I write another!

  • 1921 days ago via phone
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imagejpeg_12.jpg just got done signing at world of wheels! I didn't think I would have many fans there and the shit was MASSIVE! Thanx CHAD! KC TRENDS get it poppin'

  • 1929 days ago via phone
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imagejpeg_70.jpg for those that wonder why I wear the yellow wrist band on my right hand, this is the homey dominick from denver who was my dog and @ every show I did in that area! He died of cancer recently! Rest in peace my nig!

  • 1936 days ago via phone
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Fw: 9509359.jpg mr chaz hayes 40 water and calhoun twoasted off that good LANDY!

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Fw: 9524949.jpg 2 guns

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imagejpeg_2.jpg in Australia at a autograph signing with the SWINE FLU! The fans there were calling me TECH SWINE! HA HA HA felt like I was dying though!

  • 1937 days ago via phone
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IMG00092-20091214-0025.jpg Tech, Uncle Ike and Makzilla at Colby smith's harlem nights party

  • 1937 days ago via phone
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IMG00003-20091228-1653.jpg look how big my fifteen year old gettin ! That's me and trav fitting him for his 1st suit! Big DONTEZ growin up!

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IMG00030-20091231-1702.jpg another angle of my shrine

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IMG00018-20091231-1651.jpg me and my klown shrine in my home

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Fw: New Message gates mixed plate at the bottom, sack of lemons, case of sprite, watermelon chunks, gewurtzstraminer white wine, two bottles of hennessey, two bottles of 151, smirnoff vodka, lemon juice, bumpy face gin and left over kfc. My fridge

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IMG00048-20100126-0055.jpg DJ CLUE'S PARTY IN NYC DRUNK AS FUCK

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