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Im watching my tour manager cory get married!

300 left! Gotta finish tomorrow before video shoot!

I do 600 at a time with 100 in each box in like an hr. 20 each 600! Whew!

Last stretch!

Gotta finish today!

So I told I wanted to give special people happy as fuck bands to spread his wonderful quote& he came thru! Love

SHIEZAH! Do yaw think trav tricked me and just said its just 3500? Lol! I Wouldnt give a fuck! Its a blessing! F.A.N.S.

About to start signing!

DWAAAAAMN! Ok can I bring my niggas too? THE END!

Heres a picture of her ass right here nigga BAAAAAM! In yo face pennywise wit yo hatin ass!

Whatever Mike! You aint got no bitches cause they all float on my dick down here!

Yeah what the bitch look like Mike?

pardon me for butting in brothers, my name is chin checkaho but mike, I just wanna know, what the bitch look like?

Well I was on the way to this bitch house mane! yaw should come and bring all the shit yaw got!

I KNOW you remember me Mike! Im the cat who gave you that bag of Molly! That BIG bag of Molly!

And the nigga you get yo lean from!


AYYYYYYE MIKE! Its your bath salts dealer bro!

Yo who the fuck is following me? I smell cotton fuckin candy!