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My friend asked whats the most destructive element in Chem, I go "Niall, hes destroying mofo's ovaries" *her reaction*

This will never get old

"Dani and Liam broke up"

Omfg why Louis

I'm loving my tumblr dash right now omfg

I tried making the cyber punk paper dolls again, got so frustrated and only made Liam

Pit Bull and One Direction collaborating?

You think Elounor is over?

#BandsThatIWantToMeet Boys In Motion

me catching the kiss lol

For the person who leaked LWWY

Harry went to a fashion show but wears the same shirt for 2 years...this boy...

#MentionSomeoneWhoWillCompleteYourDay these mofos always do

My exact thoughts

Hey I found a new costume for you


Someone unfollowed us... not cool....

Old picture but.. ship me? -Emma

Nialler's high-class.

The way I describe management and directionators to my mom.