This is were you get the official lovelys bracelet :) Paypal address for pymt or send cash by mail XO

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Beautiful colorful butterfly at night :)

Beautiful sky view from my pool :)

something to make u feel better u will be getting ur lovelys scrapbook soon xo

Hi lovelys doing another contest this time for a jlh autograph who wants in?

oops didn't add the pic lol

also u will be getting this lovelys scrapbook very soon :)

can I say wow :) can't wait to see this eppy with u and betty lv the dress xo

here the lovelys scrapbook u will be getting soon xo

just to bring u up to date here something else I've been working on for you :)

on the tracking and just incase u didn't see it another surprise your lovelys scrapbook

new pic of me xo

Hi lovelys here a sneek peek of the lovelys scrapbook for jen :) what do u think will take?

This is the lovelys scrapbook you will be getting soon its still in the works xo

my nails under water lol it really brings out the pink and white :)

want a Cesar ? Lol

did u ever drink this? Its so good even fiji water and smart water :)

This drink is my fav well one opf them :)

last pic xo

more pics