enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realise they were the big things... Justin bieber & Miley Cyrus are my inspirations. CHEESE.

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My photography... this will help my photography exam in two months... comment and tell me if it's good?

Meee(: comments?

STFU THATS JUST UGGHH! like who the hell is Jamie...

Rhys, Rachel the police men and me(: I love Rhys soo much<3

Ugghh that's fuckedd up! bieber haterz are soo stupid -_-

She's a wierd girl... who's Dave grohl?! biebers better

We.Love.Starbucks... comments?

That's been photoshopped because her hand just ends no where... It goes right through his chest! lmfaaoo FAIL

am I obsessed?! or just dedicated?! LOL lookie... :)

Brooklyn bridge :') i felt the need to take a picture of a bridge, I love America I'm moving there when I turn 25 :D

If I could move in I would xD but yeah... I love new York what more can I say...

I got told this was Justin -_- FAIL the audience is waay to small for it to be Justin ;)

I love hersheys chocolate<3 yeahh so I order American food :D imma send you guys sour patch kids!

I don't have it anymore but here's one of the pictures... :o

I wrote Justin bieber in the snow

Trees are falling down cause of the snow :O I'm scared


Bieber fever pills. LOL you actualy get them?! Cool

We went to see the pope(: