Lover of Country & pop/punk music, coffee, traveling, tattoos, america, tanning, weekends, road trips, harry potter, peanut butter, jack daniels & laughing.

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Not the best photo, but how often do you get to go ice skating in winter by bondi beach?

I HATE winter! Bring me back summer & heat waves & tanning! I swear it's much colder than -1 !

I don't really like 5SOS but this review is pretty harsh, but kinda true.

I wish I lived in Nashville, I'll be listening to you all the way from Aus ❤️ I feel like a proud mum.

I like most genres of music.. Upcoming concerts!

I was going to rage at this girl, but you know what, her life sucks already. Keep being bitter, it suits you.

It's been a year since that whole '5 grams of weed' bullshit.

I heard a familiar sound coming from the girl who sits next 2me at work, looked over &saw this on her ipod

I heard a familiar sound coming from the girl who sits next to me at work, looked over & say this on her iPod

THIS IS WHY I HATE AUSTRALIA!! Just let me watch a friggin music video!

umm I'm pretty sure you & I can rob this guy of his Job Title

That awkward moment when your jacket is longer than your skirt. I look like a prostitute in flats.

For all my international friends who think Australia is just a dry outback...

Help me Americans! What's the best radio station out of these in #Nashville I ❤️iheartradio

Waiting for my babes! ❤️

#GreetingsFromCalifornia - Fans swamping me on the Red Carpet.
#California #LosAngeles

....but loving him was RED. #RIPDAVEY

Why did my tablet have to remind me of this? I shut this person out of my life 6 months ago.

Watching 'The Hills' season 3 & look who Audrina has on her work desk!! #goodcharlotte

Yo JMADS ! You doing crazy hair for the live rounds this year?? #TheVoiceAU #TEAMJOEL #GCFAM