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Loved seeing the lakefront and this band at #whotelsmusic

Here we go!

I'm telling you, there's a touch of Burton in this Burch! Cc:

Poor ; he has no mayorships!

Nice check-in special from Walgreens!

Temp just dropped at least 10 degrees. Storm's a-comin'.

And then late last night we saw these guys. What an annoyingly average day.

Look who finally got to say hi to after the kickball game...

The guy in the red shirt is me. From a huge blown up photo in the anniversary lounge.

sent me a water bottle to help get me through . I dig the recycling logo. Stay hydrated!

Landing music. FUCK YES. Cc:

Fuuuuuuck yeah from 32,000 feet!

So it's afterward and live on the coasts, so this happened. I'll send a link to what you HAVE to watch tomorrow.

Words fail me.

The view from where I am.


Boots. Post- #p4k2011

#p4k2011 VIP view.

Shirtless dude in the photo pit! #p4k2011

This bus is jam-packed with hipsters. #p4k2011