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Hello world. This is NetherNaga Naval Commander. For #AQW #TLaPD #2014

My first entry ever in an AQW contest. It's quite good compared to all my other AQW drawings. Too bad I can't Flash, can't Photoshop, well more accurately can't do technological art. Oh well.
Anyways, to be honest when I printed the Naval Commander template I didn't have any idea of my version at all. I just sat there with blank eyes and empty brain. Then I decided to a female Naval commander first because somehow I can't draw male. I began thinking about what I tend to include in any of my drawings.

Long hair,
A lot of cloths, I mean A REAL LOT,
Elegant look, more accurately ladies with a lot of cloths,
Preferably legs hidden. Legs are too mainstream.
Otherworldly wings.

So I combined all of them together, well, all except the wings. They would be too much. When I finished drawing I had to stare at my result and think of a suitable NAME. Yes, I didn't have the rough idea and name planned. She looks otherworldly and has a lower body of a snake, so I named her Nether (as in Netherworld) Naga (refers to half-snake ladies) Naval Commander. Hmm? Male version? Well I got lazy and kinda abandon it >.>

See the hanging, glowing mask at the bottom? It was originally intended to be a lantern, but I figured a glowing, faceless mask with lips only are way more interesting. I drew that part with the picture of an adventurer wandering in a thick, mysterious mist. He then saw a subtle glow not so far from him. When he walked close enough the glow turned out to be a floating, faceless head. Frozen, he stood there watching the mist revealed the unearthly flawless lady floating above the hanged head in awe. Each end of her cloths were painted deep red, probably stain of blood. The ghostly Naga flew closer and closer, then descended down and wrapped the poor man with her translucent snake body. Slowly and beautifully, her cloths spread like upside-down blooming petals as the snake body lifted the man up. The ominous petals then enveloped, sealing the man completely like a wrapped corpse. Not long after, the flower re-bloomed, and the man was gone. The mist encircled, and then there were none.

....How did it change from explanation to storytelling again? xD Still, the story would make much more sense if her outfit was not based on a Naval Commander >.>

Anyways, that's all I want to say for now. Thanks for stopping by and read through my blabbering! have a nice day <3


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And here's my FeMaleficent and her staff!
This will hold quite a lot of memories.
It is the first time that I try some colors instead of black and white.
My first ever finished fanart!
This is also the first time that I added in a bit of Photoshop (CS3 for oldies sake lol) as well. With that exact regards, this is the very first time that I noticed how horrible the picture's quality is. All the edges are so broken that I just can't believe I saw nothing at all when it was in Sketchbook. I guess there's still a heck of a long way to go for me.

By the way, I'm thinking of a male version and I'm not sure what to do. Should I draw a male version, or draw a human version of her raven instead? Because you know, I personally want FeMaleficent to be something unique, in honor to the unique original, the one and only, Maleficent.

Also, I drew another thing. It's a single hat and I think it is too small to use as a picture alone. However, in my opinion this is THE MOST BADASS hat ever in the entire human history (pardon my rude words, in case badass is rude). The hat is another fanart of a game (not AE) that I love, and I really want to share it with you, as well as equip it in AQW.

The original's armor is really troublesome, however :(

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Finally my first try ever on a dress. I have died every waiting for doing this design. Thank you AE for releasing the template! I guess this one is probably next to nothing though. It's so easy that it can be done even in a lite version of SketchBookX, in addition to it being done in an iPhone.

Though the quality is laughable, but to do something is better than to do nothing. Practice makes perfect, and one day I will climb to the mountain peak!

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Try some aura thingy....or so I thought.
Sometimes limitation gives you improvisation. I still appreciate a tablet or a full version of he app though.

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My 3rd try and my first try ever on shading. It's so lame that I don't think it can even be called a shading. Also, about the black background, I thought it would look cool. It turned about to be weird though.

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My second try, same model. I still demand a tablet >.> (I also did a merge of the two and it looks terrible. LOL)

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My first try on SketchBookX on iPhone 5. This little sword took me 2 hours to draw. Please buy me a tablet T.T

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No.70 : Lunatic eclipse
Legend foretold, once there was a beautiful princess of the mystical kingdom. She was so beautiful that she was envied by so many people,which caused her to get betrayed by her beloved servant and was banished away from the kingdom by a dangerous crime that she didn't even know about. Filled with sorrow and hatred, the banished princess bended her very own pain of emotion into a weapon. According to the legend, the kingdom was later destroyed by this weapon of sorrow, which is of course wield by the broken princess....

No.71 : Screaming butterfly wings
Casted out from deep within depths of the demon realm, this pair of wings belongs to a butterfly demon....

No.72 : Closed magical spikes of darkness
Brought to you by the cult followers!

No.73 : Elongated magical spikes of darkness
Improved for you by the cut followers!!

No.74 : Helm of terror
Created by a cult follower in the AQW realm, "Somehow it looks familiar..." he said.

No.75 : Greater helm of terror
"Now it looks more different :)" said the same follower.

No.76 : Brutal boar battle helm
Ready to crush your enemies?

No.77 : Creeping teeth fiend head morph

No.78 : Creeping horn fiend head morph

No.79 : Gazing evil eye head morph

No.80 : Optical jester mask
/o****<O> . <O>****o\

No.81 : Necrotic staff of darkness
Oh yes, such a classic name, with a classic but pretty strong power.....

No.82 : Scythe of the avian eyes
At first the cult followers planned to craft some scary scythes, but the result was rather hilarious.

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No.59-60 : Archanatos head morph
Archanatos, an arch devil and a loyal minion of "him", offered his illusions created by himself to anyone strong enough to control the power.....and by that, he means "to maintain one's sanity"

No.61 : Archanatos blade illusion
Archanatos, an arch devil and a loyal minion of "him", offered his illusions created by himself to anyone strong enough to control the power.....and by that, he means " to make sure one could even lift the blade"

No.62 : Archanatos morph
Archanatos, an arch devil and a loyal minion of "him", offered his illusions created by himself to anyone strong enough to control the power.....and by that, he means " to save one's own life"

No.63 : Ivoraric venovine angel wings
6 wings of an angel, enhanced with venovine, then get infected by Ivorark magic...what more could you want?

No.64 : Dragoncorpse arcanus
By bending a whole dragon's corpse into a blade, the cult mistress has yet again archived to expand her area of magic.....

No.65 : Screaming mirror broad sword
"Mirror mirror, what's the greatest blade of terror?"

No.66 : Blessing cursed grand sword
Blessing...and cursed?.....How did the cult manage to teach its followers to be able to do this?

No.67 : Vamp drake axe
Urm....what a weird axe the cult follower has created....

No.68 : Hand of chaos tongue
.....Yet another weird blade.... A hand..infected with chaos.....attached with a SCALED TONGUE...

No.69 : Closed flower blade and claw
Just how did the cult follower strengthen flower petals into sharp metals?

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No.40 : Helm of Lubus
Crafted in honor to Lubus, the famous demigod among furious warmongers, this helm will make your foes drown in their fears!

No.41 : Knight of light and night helm
By wearing this helm, it shows everyone that you're qualified to be one of the Knight of light and night clan members!

No.42 : Horn demon's skull
After countless victories of the alliance during the great demon extinction war, the alliance's necromancers decided not to waste those precious demon skulls. This one was also picked up at that time....

No.43 Ivoraric old king's crown
Considered to be the very first "Ivoraric" item, this crown shines the success of the cult's unique power....and the start of the Ivorark infection!

No.44 : Demolich face
As a powerful demon and lich, the demoliches must lead their army to their victory....and they often success.

No.45 : Demonic warlord helm
If the demoliches work with their brain, then these demonic warlords will work with their incredible strength!

No.46 : Lackheart's mask
Lackheart clan is a group of heartless assassins of that fellow cult....So after all, the cult is really planning to declare a war....

No.47 : Zombie elevenface
Once a rotten head of an eleven faces giant's corpse, now this giant will walk again....

No.48 : Undead thirteenface
....and if a zombie eleven faces giant is not enough, try an undead thirteen faces giant....

No.49 : One-eyed elevenface
...or maybe you prefer that elevenface, but its eyes are too much?

No.50 : Skeleton healing sorcerer's head
Oh yeah, even an undead army has a healer.

No.51 : Crossed-faced faceless demon head
That cross does not represent the well known one...in fact it is a seal from the ancient times....poor little demon....

No.52 : Necrotic horned crown
Need a crown?

No.53 : Wings of the demolich
Perhaps the skies make you feel more comfortable...

No.54 : Reattached shattered wings
Once a beautiful crystal wing, then got shattered , now get reattached and becomes even more sparkling.

No.55 : 20 holy wings
In case that a pair of holy angelic wings aren't enough for you, worry not, the cult always has better choice!

No.56 : Venovine evil wings
Actually, this pair of wings doesn't allowyou to fly, it allows you to float....with vines...

No.57 : Fallen corpse wings
Such a fine piece of work! a follower of the cult combine four corpses, a pair of wings and some horns into these terrific wings!

No.58 : Demonic warlord wings
"Why would a ground based warlord need a pair of wings?"
Imagine your wings acted as a shield.

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No.31 : Eye of the forbidden souls
The cult mistress combined the forbidden souls of the realm of fiends and merged them into this outstanding sword. Try glaring at its eye if you dare...

No.32 : Little roar of a lesser evil
A follower tried to forged a blade similar to that legendary Necrotic blade of Doom of the AQW realm.....how pity....

No.33 : Ivorark's former grand staff
A former staff of the mistress. It was named after the cult's name, "Ivorark". Every staff the mistress uses are considered as the cult's grand staff....

No.34 : Devilish dark claws
Claws created by the cult followers, just for using as their weapons....are preparing for a war or something?

No.35 : Celestial wind eagle's beak scythe
A scythe merged from the celestial wind eagle's beak and pure magic. How did the creator manage to find the beak anyways?

No.36 : Myrlthaun stiletto
A common stiletto from Myrlthaun, which is considered rare and valuable in other places.

No.37 : Ivorark devil wing scythe
A scythe forged to be the weapon for an elite follower. It's very powerful indeed.

No.38 : Ivorark mystic arcane blade
A blade forged to be the weapon for a high rank follower. Somehow you've manage to find it...

No.39 : Ivorark slammer
A heavy weapon used by those brutal warmongers to stomp their foes into the ground.

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No.19 : Demonic wolf's claws scythe
A magical scythe forged by the cult followers just to be one of their weapons.

No.20 : Crescent cutter
Brought from Myrlthaun, this scythe was surprisingly powerful. It was said to be used as a key to open the portal to that unknown kingdom, but this ability was removed due to something....

No.21 : Minor Merbow
A bow forged by a follower that is a mermaid. She forged it in her hometown style.

No.22 : Minor Meraxe
An axe forged by the same mermaid follower. She does have some talent...

No.23 : Legendary Venovine Mouth
OMG! How did a mere follower manage to pull out one of the well-hidden secrets of Venovine!? The Venovine Mouth is said to be a spell cast by the Venovine creator herself. Its purpose is unknown, but it does split out tons of damages!

No.24 : Experimental chaotic scales blade
Hmmmm....those cult followers are surely curious. They even bring samples of "chaos" from that AQW realm.....

No.25 : Plus the surplus
Mathematics are a lot and strong.

No.26 : Destroying Minus
Mathematics are indestructible and are fatal to math haters.

No.27 : Duplicating Times
Mathematics are still growing rapidly.

No.28 : Divining Divide
Mathematics are sometimes helpful, and sometimes troublesome.

No.29 : Evil horns staff
The cult followers are expanding their skills towards darkness....

No.30 : Legendary ribbons of Abyssa
Created from a tiny piece of one of the very first devils and also one of the most powerful devils of all time's ribbon, This staff is said to held a super tiny glimpse of Abyssa's power.....

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No.7 : Mystic sun blade
Enhanced with the power of the sun, this former dull magical blade is now blessed(...or curse?) by the cult followers!

No.8 : Blade of a wonderful dream
A follower of the cult heard about the "Sword of broken dreams" in a realm called AQW or something, so he decided to craft an alternate weapon. At last, he found out that he's not so good at crafting.....

No.9 : Cursed Skullclaw
An another follower of the cult heard about a very powerful villain called Vordred in the AQW realm, so he decided to craft a weapon based on what he'd heard...."MOARRR SKULLLZ!"

No.10 : Blessed Brightclaw
An ANOTHER follower saw the Cursed Skullclaw and thought it was splendid and got jealous, so he decided to craft an alternate weapon...."MOARRRR LIGHT!"

No.11 : Cursed and blessed grand sword
Finally, an elite follower saw both weapons and thought they were still be able to improve, so he forged a blade based on both weapons. The result was so stunning that it even attracted the cult mistress' attention!

No.12 : Slash-rune simple grand sword
It's just a simple grand sword, enhanced with some slash-runes.

No.13 : Angerous
The spirit created by someone as one of the 6 gifts for the cult mistress. This one is forged by the essence of "his" anger.

No.14 : Saddenous
The spirit created by someone as one of the 6 gifts for the cult mistress. This one is forged by the essence of "his" sadness.

No.15 : Fakeous
The spirit created by someone as one of the 6 gifts for the cult mistress. This one is forged to represent "his" personality.

No.16 : Rosarous
The living doll created by someone as one of the 6 gifts for the cult mistress. This one is filled with beautiful and charming danger, just like "her".

No.17 : Rosy and Roso
The living doll created by someone as one of the 6 gifts for the cult mistress. This one is filled with the power of both genders.

No.18 : Zaggalous
The magical dragon created by someone as one of the 6 gifts for the cult mistress. This one is created based on "it".

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No.1 : Arcane claw staff
Forged deep beneath the depths of a forbidden lake, this treasure was later discovered by a follower of a so-called "false cult", and was replicated by the cult's followers.

No.2 : Mystic nine-tailed scorpion staff
An easiest good-quality weapon to be forged for the cult's forging apprentice. Pretty powerful for the beginners, right?

No.3 : Myrlthaunic minor evil eye staff
A staff used by a tribe of little devils of Myrlthaun, the unknown kingdom. This staff was brought here by some dimension walkers.

No.4 : Furious wind axe
During the lesson, the cult followers are ordered to bend the very wind element itself into something. The result was this axe.

No.5 : Venovine staff
This staff was created from a Venovine, one of the most powerful plant ever known. Venovine is a magical plant, originally created from pure magic. So, although this staff is just an experiment from the cult followers(again?), it is still pretty powerful.

No.6 Rayatagus' replica pillar
A staff created in honor to Rayatagus, one of the most famous demigod and so close to be the avatar of the sun god. Rumors spread out that this staff was created by the cult leader herself.....and of course that's not true.

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