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Neal Boortz. Retired after 42 years of talk radio. Author of Maybe I Should Shut Up and Go Away and The FairTax Book. Still stirrin' the puddin.

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Grumpy doing my show prep for tomorrow!

Makeup Tart Julene.

Camera dude Anton is ready! He's the best.

Ahmadinejad's mistress. Don't ask how I got the picture.

Osprey having lunch. Fish tail hanging behind branch.

Should I wear this on Cavuto tonight?

Ready to Rip!

My co-host

Happy Valentine's Day! (My 1-day-old Whole Foods rose)

When out of control truck smashes into hangar.

Naples Sunrise.

This picture in storage until I can stand to look at this building again.

How true! How absolutely true!

This is my right hand. The blue field is over my right shoulder. Y'all just relax.


Starting today's insensitivity fest!

Guess where am?

Newton Leroy.

Shopping with the 99%

Just looking for photo to Tweet. I took this in Venice this past Summer.