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Yes I will buy this computer LoL #WindowsFail then again

Millions of reasons why you can't trust a contractor here is one #Safety

Chris Chen IT Pro @ #TopShot #OSOM

Open Heart surgery! MBP

The circle of no Life LoL

#safety first


"Dad!, so I was trying to install Lion at it crashed."

I keep finding these everywhere I go! #KernelPanic


I wonder what these guys are running?

Before sleep reading :)

Looks like computer engineer Barbie sooo hates MS LoL

I am not going to say downgrade, I am not going to say it!!

I guess passing is passing no matter what's your score is #CompTIAS+ I hate taking test

Daemon :)

Finally #White

Somebody smack me!!!!

Can someone explain how in the world this got into my server room?

Must have tool :)