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favourite part of bonus comic for volume 3

colouring the bonus chapter for book 3 and i'm just like whatever

okay last babby lil picture but seriously i am wearing the cutest outfit

get a load of that 8l face

and also my public school uniform looked like a maid hahahahahah (I'm the super pale one far back around the middle)

daisy makes the cutest faces

man the colours i've been using to sketch lately make me think of bubblegum ice cream

in which calms me down with mario 64 let's plays

i like this maishul face

being so active right now (blurred for your protection)

aaa 4 hours left to finish this (it's A0 size and i'm watercolouring it)

BCI members, you'll be getting this comic physically in the mail hopefully in the next few weeks! 9-page mini :D

The books on top are people who were durpy enough to not leave a request for their book. YOU HAVE TILL THURSDAY NIGHT.

We go out to the living room to watch biggest loser, come back to see Mia has taken ownership of the sonic blanket

Hey time for more terrible late night 3:30am doodles (warning contains lesbians)

Hey time for more terrible late night 3:30am doodles (warning contains lesbians)

Why do I always wanna doodle at 4 am, mannn all that crazy music >8( GETOUTOFMYHEADBATHAIRLUCY

Why do I always feel like doodling at 4 am, scribblescribble :| (getoutofmyheadhairlucyandbat)

Doodled a bajillion girls in nightgowns, SHAKY TRAIN AWAY

A quickie doodle of the original four turned freaken group picture, should I draw a proper version of this