Tina Hardy


Plate licker, idler, tank commander, and sworn enemy of Prof. Dyson. Fightin' depression. Girlfriend to @ZakGreyhound. Daughter to @J_Loaf. Standard.

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YAY! This is me excited face!!

I'll do it later, I promise yoo. I is snowed under meself.

I has found new place to sleep.

Keepin' Dad nice an' warm after our walk. 'e wears girly socks.

Try this? It is comfy...

Dad says "zazzle" (whatever that is) is not sendin' him mail to confirm account. 'e wants to start sellin' STUFF

Yoo is makin' me feel sleeeeepy...

Dad 'as bin messin' about with badges. 'e made girly one for me!

I will watch yoo too!

I is vey sleepy, Katy. and are FAB at makin' folk welcome:--0).

What I did is cuddle 'im for an hour in bed x

I was unhappy at first, but now....

I LUFFS the sea, LOOK x

Again, SARCASM. This is how I'm fillin' my day

There be flavour in this 'ere tub

Bah! For yoo I is wearing sulky face.

Hullo! I is KNACKERED. I luff being with my Aunty Annie, Uncle Paul and Molly.

This is what Dad sent them..

Dad has hung a tiny seed man from birdy table. I think it is scaring birds away.

I think I can JUST about hang on. Look 'ow bored I is waitin' for Molly!