Tina Hardy


Plate licker, idler, tank commander, and sworn enemy of Prof. Dyson. Fightin' depression. Girlfriend to @ZakGreyhound. Daughter to @J_Loaf. Standard.

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#FabTinaMemories Me on beach with and Mick last year.

This morn I was allowed to lick a plate. It is rare, but sometimes I gets away with it.

I can 'ave me gin with tonic, if I can get this thing open

Maybe I can open this usin' the power of me mind...#scanners

Now I is sad that nobody 'as come. Look at me face!

I 'eard a car! I thought it might be someone comin' to see me!

And our Molly moo, too. X

Can't wait to see this luffly face this year sometime when Dad pulls 'is finger out. X

Me cousin Molly from yesterday. Isn't she luffly? We lays down side by side because we is friends.

Look at this thievin' sod. #secretsquirrel

We need more #specialboys in this crazy world.

Last year it was perfick. I met and and we walked together

Look what yoo do to me:--0)

This is how I is:--0) xx how's yoo?

I would look good on news. I likes desks and pretendin' to like me co-presenter

Look at this sod. Stealin' food.

Toys is tasty. I lick me chops.

I DIDS! Fank yoo, me ever-so handsome, thoughtful, cuddly, boyfriend. Remember when we first met?

I has placed Basil PRECISELY next to me head. Get in.

I am playin' with me toys. I likes toys.