Tina Hardy


Plate licker, idler, tank commander, and sworn enemy of Prof. Dyson. Fightin' depression. Girlfriend to @ZakGreyhound. Daughter to @J_Loaf. Standard.

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What I do when Dad is in the bath.

I keeps movin' in and out of sunny spot in weedy garden x

I is not comin' back into 'ouse.

I is good to me cousin. dropped 'er off and I gave 'er me sofa.

Erm...not quite yet. I'll need a gin to calm me nerves....scuse me while I 'elp meself.

'ere is me in the sun. Neighbours is noisy today. Toddlers *shudders*

Got Molly in an 'eadlock. Rad.

Cousin Molly is 'ere! I 'as given 'er me sofa. Choice.

Radical! Now, all we need to do is get it down from 'ere and we is nicely tiddly for the day

Cousin Molly is 'ERE! Dad made 'er a big comfy bed.

I 'as discovered STONE 'ENGE! Solid.

I can't wait until yoo is runnin' up and down my garden; it needs a lawn. Dad is on the case. Xxx

This Eurovision stuff is takin' it's bloody time. Chicky seems excited, though.

I 'as me cousin Molly in an 'eadlock. Standard.

I 'AS ME SOFA BACK! New 'ouse is good! Neighbours be 2 lurchers. Pizza 'as bin ordered. Standard.

'ard life innit.

This may look uncomfortable to yoo, but to me it is bliss. Sunny start to the day.

Dad is on the macaroni cheese for breakfast. 'e doesn't look best pleased with it. I is lookin' 'opeful

Snoozy floozy.

Met Roy Orbison on me walk. Rad.