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Graphic Designer | @LATech grad Former Competitive GoW/Halo Player #PCMasterRace nowadays. I make t-shirts all day for EPI. YT: /typograph1c XBL: TYPOGRAPH1C

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Cool… I tried out 2 other versions. Just filled in some areas. Choose left or right please. ^_^

What do you think about this?

I'm excited for #XboxOne news regarding games, price, & less confusion. Can't say the same for McKayla...

This is a little better than my average of 2.4 down, 0.3 up.

Here are my 3 font choices… Bodoni, DIN, and Geared Slab (from LostType).

Which do you like?

I was having fun in stream watching Him, , and crew go ham in ranked…look at the chat!

I wish I was as good at FFA in #GearsJudgment as I was in #Halo3 when I slapped Headstrong, with the +30

I wish I was as good at FFA in #GearsJudgment as I was in #Halo2 with on XBC… +78

To be honest, (& this is not to be mean) the way you described it in motion reminded me of this…

. Though, it looks a little odd from the front… #PS4

. Though, it looks a little odd from the front… #PS4

#PS4: It looks fantastic, in my opinion.” I know right!

At least the #PS4's controller looks to be a much better update to the current gen's Dual-Shock 3. Peep dat detail!

At least the #PS4's controller doesn't look bad. Definite improvement over our current gen's Dual-Shock3. Agreed?

. Shoulda bought the Deluxe edition in this Economy…better resell value. Also a sporty interior & paint.

So I got stuck in traffic today behind and ... #Blops2

Just finalizing some placement. Shouldn't take much longer.

Totally weird alignment thing I noticed from my current desktop background and my favorited tweets… #RandomThought

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