Clever doppelgänger of @vbspurs & @FreeSpurs in Twitmo.

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Mira!! So cute, thanks!

I knew it when I saw this photo of Dan Stevens doing “The Heiress” on Broadway. #DowntonAbbey

Jim Cramer not the only predicting an Obama blowout. Check out CNN’s little interactive projections map. —>

Hotel maid hard at work. I love them. They’re my heroes. They do what I would find hard to do, over and over again.

This is what Twitmo looks like —>

Last one! Pianist Pro.

Real Piano II HD. Eh. Sounds tinny.

This is another one. Virtuoso Piano.

Number 3 now. #BlockReuters

This is adding "Glowing". Looks like it needs that HBO daaaaaaa sound. :)