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. is this what you mean when you call your followers "jellybeans"?

not accurate. There are always about 200 people on sidelines at that time. Here is pic just b4 anthem.


This is going to help :-)

Pam Iorio is at this seminar promoting her book.

I wish we could have played the Dolphins in September. Swap them with the 49ers, please.

Happy dog and Jealous dog.

Boat captain on The Amazing Race in Thailand wearing an old Devil Rays hat.

It's all coming together!

Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh

Tonight's setup

Club Titan™ Couch

Club Titan™ 1

Shoes in the parking lot at wells fargo. Details at eleven.


Casualty of reheated Chinese food

If this is how you do your profile picture, I can't hit unfriend fast enough.

Balanced breakfast

Annoying Facebook Girl

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