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Lifelong VW enthusiast. #deezul Mk6 TDI. Recovering Apple employee. #330 born and bred. Engaged @alyssa_mowery. Bourbon(s).

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Honestly at this point if someone finds him just take him out. -Cleveland Plain Dealer

Annie misses Braxton too. C'mon Buckeyes y'all are lookin' kinda sad tonight.

Either a miracle happened here... Or Akron strikes again.

The ice sphere in my bourbon looks like the Death Star. It's identical, I can't even right now.

Ain't no party like a detail party. Clean Veedubs are happy Veedubs. #deezull

This was six years ago. There are no further words necessary.

2 years ago- a black V8 4Runner came into my life. And one day, she'll come back. #ripbadmpg #timehop

Parking deck monster.

Well. The kitten is still here. Anybody want a kitten?

Well now what. Anybody want a kitten? Found this little guy (or girl) and he (she) reeeeally can't live at my house.

Currently drinking a Stone "Enjoy by 7/4/14" on 7/11/14. I'm a rebel. For America.

This should be on one of those motivational posters. "Accomplishment: - Sit on the rubble of your competition."

Irene's- because you can't make breakfast this good. Or this cheap.

Add this to the to do list, #akronadvantage #nou

FINALLY got my new MacBook Pro Retina from work. Nice to be back in a modern Mac, and from a 15 to a 13inch.

On today's episode of adventures in Akron... Horrible drivers. This ranks with the worst.

All I'm trying to do is watch the Algeria Germany game from earlier, and my couch partner passes out.

"I PAINT WHERE I WANNA PAINT" - drunk Akron parking lot paint guy. #soclose

Couch professionals.

Guess the brightblue paintsquare, orangecone in front, and overwhelming paint smell wasn't apparent enough #wetpaint