Dan Ritter


Im TNAs Biggest fan, traveling from show to show to support the best wrestling company.

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Came from PA for TNA and Hogans Beach Shop.

But it's closed brother!

My new favorite merch.

Thank you for always being so kind.

YOU ARE......


This man is the monster that goes bump in the night be afraid, very afraid.

a figure so nice I had to buy it twice. :-)

Time for my Christmas tree to upstage all other trees. #heel #showoff #christmas

you look deranged in this week Get Glue sticker. Lol

Happy it's finally here but now I need a fig with sleeves and a lumberjack beard

getting ready to put this on my Christmas tree. Santa better beware of D-Ware!

Or Captain Jack Sparrow


Me as the Hulkster!

Halloween 2012 #godofthunder

I am the master of the cards. The next 1/1 has arrived.


thanks for the autograph today. #iwantmyicecreambars

I like our new picture together :-)

your webmaster enjoys an appletini to celebrate the #WTTCOTW dominance

you better come get with THIS cause this is where it's at

waiting at Richmond for the #wttcotw I want an appletini!!

Funny how this card gets released and his name changed to #tnafail #tnalosttheirbestperformer

Not happy this is the last time TNA cards will feature Atleast I got the one card I wanted. #tna10