T$, dammit.


I get all dumb when your butt's around.

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Please look for Mr Scoobles in the North End (15th & Ada) area!! Please RT! , please help!

A page from the coloring book that made me for my birthday (this page has the biggest font size):

Finally, I’ll no longer worry about running across one of these very unique people. Now I know what makes them tick.

What I’ve been doing instead of tweeting: crocheting!



I now have my own little corner in our room. This is my view:

This makes me smile.

where are you on this chart? http://www.politicalcompass.org/test I’m here:

What my president would be like:

I saw this gang riding around yesterday. I rolled up my windows and pretended that my door locks work, obviously.

Probably my favorite tweet I've ever tweeted:

I kind of pride myself on being everything that’s wrong with the US ;)

Hahahaha! ()

I've decided that Rue is a stoner cat. He's very floppy and never tense.

The nerve of that guy ()