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The lady is fierce.

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Indiana Joannie day yesterday. (http://www.tubechop.com/watch/1394438)

"I have a whip! And I have noooo idea how to use it!"


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I can go all day, mister.

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You're all over tumblr at the moment. This is one of the sillier examples. :P (Source: http://dirtyroyalconfessions.tumblr.com/post/56122503931) #RoyalBaby

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Early morning with Jeremy. Let's do this! #OtherwiseIrrelevantGIF

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I got a haircut. The results are very short. I feel for my ponytail.

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Watching "Definitely, Maybe" with Ned Schneebles here.

"Rock got no reason. Rock got no rhyme. You better get me to school on time!"

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Google works so well. :) <3

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"This is normal." Reassurance.

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TMI for Twitpic. My legs were itchy. And now I notice they're bleeding. It looks worse in person. I look like I had a bad run-in with a mosquito, but in my head I'm telling myself it looks like I helped win WWII from the ground. I'm just wild about Harry.

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These seem like a good idea at the moment... Taylor would drag me to Build-A-Bear. :P

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So pretty. :) <3

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So pretty. :) <3

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Study session at my preppy hideaway. "English Girls Approximately" – Ryan Adams (Now playing. Dinner. Then studying. :P)

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Gatsby comes out on May 10th! :-) http://bit.ly/GatsbyAvatar

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Gatsby comes out on May 10th! :-) http://bit.ly/GatsbyAvatar

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Bob Newhart was <i>hilarious</i> on The Big Bang Theory!

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Invisibility cloaks are overrated.

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Lea Michele + Cory Monteith.
Look how short she is! :P

It's like they started dating when she was like,
"Hey, dude, could you spot me some Skele-Gro?"
and he was like,
"I seriously have no idea what you're asking me right now."
and she was like
"Sure you don't. Sure you don't."
and thought
'I can wear him down,'
but in reality he genuinely didn't know what Skele-Gro was
and he still doesn't because
– and you heard it hear first, folks –
<i>Cory Monteith is a muggle!</i>

As far I know, it's never been confirmed that overconsumption of Skele-Gro can make you taller... But I guess she isn't about to stop trying. :P

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