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Looking for inspiration. I write projects and film them. Aiming to inspire. Strength and harmony. #Polyasian #NewZealand #Leo

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Gew├╝rztraminer, how are you? #bottomsup

Meal. Meet my hand. I'm about to devour you here as witness ^_^

Morning. Brushstrokes on cyan canvas and glowing ball of mustard.

haha remember that day? Im cleaning out the garage. This is it so far #garagesaleanyone? More inside

Having a go at the bar. Add this to my CV #RWC

Momotea with . Check out his twitter. Actor/dancer tryna make it big #swagman

Building pyramids at work. This is what I get paid to do #boredom

My new puppy. Sleeping on the couch in the garage. We don't have a name for him though #sleepyhead

So apparently I don't start work til 3 so i went walking around and found Celeste working. Ok I'm late for work now

Being villains with @ momotea, howick. You here? Say hi ^___^

haha I told everyone that your camera failed, this is their response haha our flight is delayed -_-

Double pineapple lumps. What does it all mean?! #oldmemes

I would usually open this bag but someone beat me to em #thief

hey Su found this at amazon

check what I got today Lindy ^_^ Animal hair and everything

With @ Momotea Howick after a well deserved week. His phone just went off. Booty call *panty drop music*

Lindy, stego says "where my ten bucks at?" ^_^ I heart easy bets :p

Meeting for four hours, I deserve to eat and drink the food from this place ^____^

Watching an old man teach his grandson how to catch pigeons

Outside my window, I see the winter sun ^_^

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