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Good Dude,Right Place , Wrong Time His Whole Life Changed . #SixYears Since my whole perspective on life did a 360


" I dont sip the liquor I take a gulp!!! "

Just bought my NYC ticket, I need to ask bout the Taiwan African Girls with the Sapphire skin !!!

Ive been a grump lately cuz ive been saying " NO " for a long ass time.Its time to say YES!!!

In Living Color #WeirdWins

Ill smash this cake and make that lil girl cry if I dont win!!!!! #WeirdWins

Im ridin round n im gettin it!!! #WeirdWins

You weird!!! #WeirdWins

Wutuppppp #WeirdWins

young lady im sure this is yours

Illegal Life

Didnt even notice it was 3 hours!!!

Yo hablo español #Spain im not even a spain fan but i gotta thank them for my first language

My weekend begins at 5:23 am #FourLoko #Borracho #LongIsland #NY #NewYork

This was yesterday...fuckin missed it. #backtothefuture #June272012

Kinna Chippy Inbox

": let me see that pic"

My nights have come down to this .... Men in black 3 shit is it 3???