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San Francisco, 1967– #EvelKnievel’s ’67 #TriumphBonneville 650 T120 TT Special jump bike– love the “Color Me Lucky” paint job.

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#WENDYJAMES photographed by #KymEllery

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#JimiHendrix on bass, #JohnnyWinter/guitar, #BuddyMiles/drums Feb‘69 at The Scene

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Beautiful #PattiSmith

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All the #RAMONES gone, but never forgotten. Traveling the subway no guitar cases just plastic bags for carrying...

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If you're in Sarasota, Florida on these dates, go and see my friend #BOBBYGROSSMAN's iconic culture photograhy

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Goodbye to #ELIWALLACH one of my all time favorites

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In Memoriam: #ROBERTCAPA captures Normandy D-DAY Landings 70 years ago today

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#WENDYJAMES by Ricardo Gomes

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#WENDYJAMES inspiration for new track 'YOU'RE A DIRTBOMB, LESTER' now playing &

I wrote this song with a particular period of my life in mind when I lived in the Gramercy Hotel in New York City for a few months… Back when the Gramercy Hotel was still a dive, a bolt-hole for miscreants, bums and Rock N Roll musicians. I had all that wanderlust pumping in my blood for the spirit of Max's Kansas City, Warhol and Sedgwick, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Drag Queens and Misfits, The New York Underground… Further downtown and a little later in time, Patti Smith and Lenny Kaye, CBGB, Richard Hell, Tom Verlaine, The Talking Heads and even further back in time and across Washington Square Park, the beats, the Folk Revolution, and Bob Dylan.

Coming directly in from Portobello Road, London with it's own Legacy of Shebeens, West Indian sound-systems, Mick Jagger and Anita Pallenberg on Powis Square in the movie Performance, real life drama of The Profumo Affair with Jack Profumo and Christine Keeler and West London's own Black Power 'Michael X'. Then, The Clash and all the romance that entailed… I was ready for New York, and New York was ready for me… I'd known the very first time I'd stepped foot into this City that I lived and breathed it… When Transvision Vamp's first album 'Pop Art' was released here, the members, still living, of Warhols' Factory Scene threw me a party… Danny Fields, Sylvia Miles, Paul Morrissey welcomed me and we talked about Edie. And now here I was… and there was a scene, still ragged around the edges and it happened most nights up in my room and other rooms of the Gramercy Hotel.

The voice of The Great Rock N Roll writer Lester Bangs permeated this movie in my head… as I walked the same streets, dreaming, dreaming of how it would have been if I'd just been born earlier, early enough in time to make it over for the 60's or even the 70's. Lester's 'must read' anthology of his critiques for Creem Magazine 'Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung' was in my luggage and I felt I was Lewis and Clark staring across and licking my lips, hungry for the whole New World of Alternative U.S.A.

This music, this culture, these movies and pictures, these Superstars of the Factory Scene, these Rock N Roll youth-quakers of New York City shaped me and drove me on… until Now… I live here, in Greenwich Village.

Just a while back I was invited to an evening on the Bowery by Chris Frantz of the Talking Heads who was curating an evening celebrating with the Village Voice writer James Wolcott. After the presentation and talk, James Wolcott was asked a question from the audience about Lester Bangs and he replied "Lester was a real Dirtbomb"… So! I had my Title! Now the meat, now the Song, now the rhythm, now the melody… and it traces back my days at the Gramercy, and it veers off even to Mark Twain the Great American writer, who happened to have lived just doors away from where I live now and who, caused his own culture shock with his eloquent and journalistic reportage, a stalwart favorite and touchstone of mine.

Whatever century or decade or country or continent or language you're drawing on, there are always the artists and writers, musicians and poets who are of a similar mind and pushing forward… it's a small world when you're onto something, the same kind of thing. You grab your own little piece of imagination and do with it what you will.

And need I add… the guitar on this track is played by Lenny Kaye who features in this story as one the players that brought me here in the first place…

Wendy James - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar/Piano & Keys
Lenny Kaye - Rhythm and Lead Guitar
Glen Matlock - Bass Guitar
James Sclavunos - Drums

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