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Extremely expert at uncommon oaths. That mouth of the devil from whence all corruption issueth.

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The best book excerpt you will read all year, thanks to 's Mark Twain's Autobiography 1910-2010

"Contemplation (with fart)"

I call this one "Portrait in Sepia (with fart)" #classy

Dudes, just use PicSay. Not only will your pics look old timey, I won't have to click another link to look at them! #alsofarts

"Can-Am Pizza" Because when you think of countries famous for pizza, you think CANADA.

"Yep, just us people here, sitting on the porch. Sitting like people. Because we're all people."

New digs. Tired dogs.

Moving madness achievement unlocked. Now to level up to "unpacking frenzy."

I have never heard of "Annabelle's Rocky Road candy bar" but I am very excited to put one in my mouth.

They act like they did all the packing, but those dogs did fuck all. #uselessdogs

Oh moving, how I hate you with the force of a million suns.

Besties! Also, breasties.

Finally got my test results back

Ain't no party like a Pacheco party #allpartiedout


"Oh, I'm only gonna have a tiny bite of each one. Just to taste."

Jay intently plays Plants vs Zombies, while I try to coyly seduce the camera.

Dogs have no shame

Good morning.

First real summery day in Seattle, took dogs to beach, then had hamburgers and ice cream #sogood