Blackie Chan


I make the tough feel weak & the loud not speak. Disliked by phonies but loved by my homies. I lift to give stitches not to get bitches. Cars, muscles and $$$

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#BlackPeopleInTheGroceryStore break a bigots heart when you shop with two carts. #notallblacksareonwelfare

The fundamentals of America should change but they won't.

Here's something law makers should address but I know they won't.

Here's something that needs to ne addressed but I know it won't.

Most felines only purr, shed, shit & piss, but I'd buy a cat tomorrow if i could train it to do this.

Obama is gonna get us bombed thinking humane, send N. Korea a few hundred of these, Kim Jong is insane.

Obama gonna get us bombed thinking humane. Time to send N. Korea a few hundred of these, Kim Jong is insane.

Worked clubs for many years and saw this every night. People partying hard when their life and money ain't right.

Since she became famous her booty did swell. Lady Gaga is eating well.

I love bodywork its plain to see, about to weld a new front on this Honda Odyssey.

Women who say they don't need a man make me fed, because this is under all of their beds.

I Hit It First means Ray J still wants
Kim K as his boo. Hopefully responds with I hit it before you.

Dudes at the club showing off their abs, get into fights and get dropped by jabs.

Miley Cyrus this new look isn't you. Now look like Justin Beiber with boobs.

Not a homophob but I will say this, obviously this guy wants a kiss.

Here's why i like Kobe more than Lebron James. He's focusing on this hater instead of the damn game.

Here's why I like Kobe more than Lebron James. He's acknowledging this haters instead of focusing on the damn game.

People get assulted and killed every day, life isn't fair. Paranoia is the first step of being prepared.

Wear your condoms and play #NWA , Eazy-E died 18 years ago yesterday.

#MarriageEquality ....there is no such thing. We all exist because our mom got some ding-a-ling.