Fuck hip hop. Rip pockets! Snatch jewels! Illest producer you haven't heard of. Yet.

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Drake switched up already. Has it been 30 minutes?

Look at this idiot Nicki Minaj man...

Females so basic. How you try to be deep, posting quotes n shit.. Headlined by a picture of your titties?

Why did gta5 make out so if you start killing people online you get kicked out. What's the point of online then? Racing?

The official lebron bobblehead looks NOTHING like lebron. C'mon this was designed by a middle schooler.

O_O Yo I REALLY don't think these are the correct lyrics. This must be the homo thug rendition

The hell type of booking photo is this. Fool looks crazy lol

you don't want these problems friend. Lmao

Look at this idiot. This is a part of what's wrong in Chicago.

Ladies... Y do y'all wear these terrible oversized bows in your hair?

Shit... I'm in love again. Puppy #2?

This kinda shit should be a crime. I HATE this when I'm looking for parking.

Look at how black dudes take these Ls.. Why r young dudes so gay?

So i walk out into my living room. My roommate threw a party tonight. Apparently this is what you do at parties.

here she is

"Lookin at my baby... Sleeping like a baby"

Just got a new phone. Htc one... Soooo nice

This is how my puppy has been sleeping for the past hour

After a long 9 hour shift...go to burgerking for breakfast and this is what they give me. Its not even cooked.

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