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With pic. White Evoque. White SLK. White Q7. I thought we had stopped this stupidity. #itsnotthefuckingsouthoffrance

Whoops! *credit card groans*

Dubious hygiene; cause - design flaw. The Water Poet, Folgate St E1 cc:

Spent a lovely morning in the park with the BMG. Very multi-cultural. 1x lesbian mum 1x black cab driving dad.

Airblade. Barrio East, E1. Standard 6/10. #drymyhands

Veltia. Tramshed, EC2. Black is a special order 4/10. #drymyhands

Mistubishi Air Towel x4, London Transport museum, WC2. Lovely installation for that alone 8/10. #drymyhands

Bike 1 of 1 bought.

Robus R2600-EAT01 by led group, Macheté E9. Noisy and not nice 2/10. #drymyhands

Vettel #f1 cc

Waitrose, Canary Wharf. #somebodyelsewillputitback

Unknown. The Florist E2. Non-functional and riddled with diseases by the look of it 0/10. #drymyhands

This Orange Cayman S regularly appears in my street. Yummy.

BMG scooters! #BMG

Outright corruption and theft - looks like a small child made it. Brittania fish shop, Grove Road E3. #shitcharitybox

Lance Armstrong interview - the drinking game. #livestrong #armstrong #oprah #cheat #drugs

Bunnie combo. For originality: 7/10. Holiday Inn Spa, Fareham PO15. #drymyhands

Paper towel stack, my office. Dr Ray Stanz: "Just like the Philadelphia mass turbulence of 1947." #drymyhands

Airforce by World Dryer. The Lazy Otter, nr Ely CB6. 0/10 I used the towels obv. #drymyhands

Airblades hunting in packs. I still used the soft towel alternative. Hilton Park Lane ballroom, W1K. #drymyhands

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