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Like all 80s kids, I was so busy being told how special I was I didn't get that that went for everybody else, too. Now I'm sad that I'm not more important.

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Here is the timeline - you have fourteen seconds.

  • 1033 days ago via site
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Cover of my new novel - that is -not- coming out. You can ask me about it though. :)

  • 1087 days ago via site
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Old picture - Still think I should grow a mustache?

  • 1089 days ago via site
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It's tough to fight the image you got from getting in everyone's face.

  • 1092 days ago via site
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My office will miss me while I'm off getting married, but not as much as my cats...

  • 1148 days ago via site
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One of my motion-sensing cat pics looked too much like a Depeche Mode single cover for me not to make it into one.

  • 1155 days ago via site
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Special delivery from Uncle Stevie!

  • 1155 days ago via site
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And here is the signed inside and signed bookmark from 'Uprooted' by - awesome!

  • 1222 days ago via site
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Here is the 'Uprooted' chapbook and bookmark from

  • 1222 days ago via site
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bookplate came today... Stabbiest bit of penmanship I've ever seen.

  • 1225 days ago via site
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This should be clear to all: Caveman Riker thinks you should get screwed. You suck, admit it. Caveman Riker does.

  • 1246 days ago via site
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Tomo needing to wear a 'head cone' to stop him licking himself+me having a 'communicator' from 4th grade=this pic

  • 1248 days ago via site
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I just took this picture, scowling at you both. Shame on you! :) LOL

  • 1257 days ago via site
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My office collection of Stephen King books I already own copies of at home grows. Hardcover, then paperback.

  • 1262 days ago via site
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Loading dock of DOOM! If you find yourself here at midnight, and you are a character in 'Out the Door,' RUN!

  • 1268 days ago via site
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Does my ordinarily sweet as hell cat look horrifying in this picture? If not, I have failed miserably.

  • 1271 days ago via site
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The ACTUAL American Flag the FAKE Randy Whickingham walks by in 'Birds on Glass' - http://bit.ly/97iAj4

  • 1317 days ago via site
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‘Full Not Lit Up - Absence of Celebrities’ ...The most obscure Stephen King pun in history.

  • 1322 days ago via site
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Usually the view out my office window is a pretty green park filled with birds. Now steam and snow and bleakitude.

  • 1332 days ago via site
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My big red beard and poofy hair are with CoCo.

  • 1353 days ago via site
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