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  • 1609 days ago via site
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Uh, I'm speechless! All I can say is no-knead FTW! Thanks

Now the hardest part, waiting for it to cool!

Inspired by I'm working on my first attempt at no-knead bread - t-minus 120 minutes until baking

DipTrace really shines, one of my favorite areas is with component creation.

  • 1611 days ago via site
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So the garden lights I bought for $1 each have a nifty little boost regulator inside. 1.2v in, 3.3v out!

  • 1613 days ago via site
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PWM output from the garden light PCB.

  • 1614 days ago via site
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And here's the receive end, showing good packets!

  • 1615 days ago via site
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Oops, the pictures didn't make it! Here's the test setup in operation.

  • 1615 days ago via site
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Connected 10 in a series & parallel array. Hoping to get around 6v at 100ma or so. We shall see!

Now these are starting to look useful.

Now this is more useful http://twitpic.com/91qmtz

Now this is more useful

Ohh solar cells!

  • 1616 days ago via site
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First bits of data coming out of my new Thermocouple Interface boards!

  • 1619 days ago via site
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Inside the panel

  • 1621 days ago via site
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Control panel I built a few years ago.

  • 1621 days ago via site
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And here's the reverse side of that new board.

  • 1621 days ago via site
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New product in the works - baseboard for XBEE modules with power regulation and true level shifting!

  • 1621 days ago via site
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