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activist, writer, Hollywood award winning animator, political commentator, musician, co-creator of Sarah Palin Rogue Coloring & Activity Book

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Malkin: Teabaggers will lead fight against health care http://dkostv.com/r/002010 /nope RW Jesus will

RT : Who funded Michael Steele's RNC chair bid, & how he spent the money http://bit.ly/2DtVIP /big suits!

My 4 year old son does Chuck Todd impersonations..

RT : Do yourself a big favor & listen to David Byrne regularly. /& wear big suits!

#Palin Not on Twitter yet SaraPac advertises on TwitPic, upper right -->

Uh.. TwitPics are actively assisting Palin w/SarahPac ads.. See pic, upper right.. Don't like this..

Sarah Palin is "YoAntiSemite Sam"..

Speaking on Hollywood, it's Palin: "YoAntiSemiteSam"..

Boehner holds up copy of Republican Health Plan, regrets spilling Tanning solution on it, and wall..

RT : I think Boner overdid the tanning juice today ... he looks almost red. /he matches the Wall!

Hey! Michael Steele decided to Stop Making Sense!! Boogie w/Mr 80's BIG Suit!

So how many 2dimensional congressional cartoon characters will show up at Comi-Con? Robo- Boenher going?

Morn Joe were laughing at Steele's big 80's suit in front of him, should Steele "Stop Making Sense"?

Boehner's a Robot, I'm telling you, the AI film pimp was more realistic..

Boehner looks less real than the Fuck Robot in Artificial Intelligence film

If you are thinking of shoplifting, pal, don't do it Here:

Again, what every Republican sees when he looks at Sotomayer:

Sessions wants to make sure that Sotomayer's festive hat won't make his white pointy one look too stark..

Here's what Republicans see in their mind when they look at Sotomeyer..

This bears repeating - Boenher the Same Color as The Wall on KO last night!