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would the real t-swizzle please stand up? {@TaylorIsOurs is love}

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RT if you think she's so damn flawless. (Please RT, trying to trend Taylor Swift Is Our Beautiful :) )

This one is for the Swifties who love Meredith.

Okay gonna exercise :) look what will I listen to!

#Top100Lies Taylor Is Ugly.

#Top100Lies Taylor isn't Telented.

Taylor Is Our Pride.

We Love You T. Swift for sharing your knowledge with us.

We Love You T. Swift for staying humble and down to earth even tho youre so successful.

We Love You T. Swift. Thanks for everything.

We love you T. Swift. Thank you for sharing your diary with us.

We Live You T. Swift, not because you're perfect but because you're yourself.

We Love You T. Swift, the way that you flip your hair gets us overwhelmed <13

We Love You T. Swift. And we love Meredith too.

We Love You T. Swift. And how can we not love you? You're flawless.

: I love Taylor and I love Harry. THEM TOGETHER MAKES ME WANT TO FUCKING THROW UP. #js

lmao omg. Taylor is so innocent.

Oh my God. I think I'm pregnant.

Lmao Niam is real.

Taylor and Jennifer. No idea if this is real but they both look lovely.

Taylor made this costume by herself for a costume contest. She really wanted to win but the "popular girl" won.