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would the real t-swizzle please stand up? {@TaylorIsOurs is love}

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Ladies and gentleman, this is Taylor Flawlison Swift.

Perfect eyes don't exis...-

this one? No one knows. Maybe she DMed him.

No idea of when was this but this is why we love you . {Must see}

k, this is me. Thanks for shipping me :) if anyone else feels like doing it, go ahead :)

She was beautiful there. She is beautiful now. She will always be beautiful.

Awe cute Taylor drawing <13

I'm confused. Is this photoshop or not?

I wonder... Are Scott and Andrea part of the royal family? Because they had a princess as daughter.

This photoshop is perfect. Taylor and Lou would actually look adorable together.

Taylor first introduced us to her on November 3rd 2011. With this picture.

She is not the kind of fold, who should be rudely barging into T-Swizzle's bedroom. #MeredithIsOurKittenPrincess

She is not the kind of fold, who should be rudely bragging into T-Swizzle bedroom.

According to Ellen.. And the whole world, she's the cutest kitten on earth. #MeredithIsOurKittenPrincess

She's a diva, who dreams about my idol. #MeredithIsOurKittenPrincess

Send me a number and I'll answer your question! :) (Took this from )

Taylor is the perfect example on how blondes aren't stupid.

Tweet me your favorite picture of Taylor. This is one of mines.

Willow Smith: I whip my hair back and forth!
Me: Oh, shut up. You're a beginner compared to Taylor.