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Tesla Model S - "I want a red one!" :)

  • 969 days ago via site
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Also at Nat'l Plug In Day were Volts, Plig-in Prius and Leafs and a C-Max.

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Neat to see 4 Tesla Model S at the National Plug In Day in Falmouth, Maine today. They are SOOO sexy!

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How have the IPCC reports changed over time?

  • 971 days ago via site
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Becky and I making 24 jars of Crabapple Pepper Jelly last night from the 20+lbs we harvested from our tree. Yum!

  • 986 days ago via site
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Lovely day to watch them cutting the hay in the 50+ acre field across the road from us.

  • 1023 days ago via site
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Here's me + Scott Squires programming the 8 bit camera computer + synths used to make "wormhole effect for ST-TMP

  • 1025 days ago via site
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Digging through my archives - found a Polaroid test for the "wormhole effect" for Start Trek TMP. Done with lasers

  • 1025 days ago via site
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Watched "Star Trek The Motion Picture" directors cut. Had SO MUCH FUN doing visual FX for that film. (wormhole).

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My newest artwork: "Digital Numeric Relevator MkXXVIII - Big Red" - it's about 17" across.

  • 1027 days ago via site
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Unexpected rain interrupted hay baling in neighbor's field across the road from our house - they got 1/2 of it in

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Adding a few solar panels each year to my array. Now getting over 32kWh/day in summer on good sunny days.

  • 1044 days ago via site
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Setup Becky and I used for shooting "Ariel" - 4 strobes + reflectors. We had fun with this shoot! :)

  • 1060 days ago via site
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Becky and I doing studio photography of "Arial" by Thomas Rapaich. Amazing how many strobes and reflectors needed.

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Just trapped the 7th squirrel in a week in the Havahart. Re-locating them so they don't nest in our vehicles...

  • 1068 days ago via site
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Cute barn swallows in our car port - ready to fly - and poop all over our Volt!

  • 1081 days ago via site
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Designing a sun tracker for the 2 solar panels sticking out from the south facing wall of my workshop.

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Lovely day in Maine for mowing the lawn with my DIY solar lawnmower.

  • 1091 days ago via site
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15.7 MWh lifetime power produced (over 3.5yrs) by my solar array shows added panels over time in MWh. Gratifying.

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Preparing for spring, new coat of varnish on my home built Sassafras 14 stitched lap-strake canoe built in 2007.

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