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I made her a heart

  • 1626 days ago via site
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Just finished buildin it

  • 1641 days ago via site
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# trips to the vet in 1 day
3 blood draws in 1 day and a nail cut
This is the result...1 very tired little boy

  • 1642 days ago via site
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Look in the circle

It's about time YouTube did 1 thing right! LOL

  • 1643 days ago via site
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New Sims2 house I built
I was lookin at a pic in a sims3 book but had to fix it up all I saw was the front in the book
Had to chance it from there :)

How's it look?

I can't wait to furnish it :)

  • 1646 days ago via site
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2 phenomanol voices

1 of them is my hero and cute as a little button and 1 is so fiesty and spunky and has the cutest giggle ever

  • 1646 days ago via site
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is looking at the title!
I prayed for her and happy to say she's in my life :)

Isn't she beautiful? :)

  • 1648 days ago via site
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Do you see a cross too or was it just me seeing this?

  • 1650 days ago via site
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My sims house so far
I want that car!!!!

I need to furnish it and save it to desktop so I never lose this house again :)

  • 1651 days ago via site
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Likes Dolly :)

  • 1652 days ago via site
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Rhapsody why am I still gettin errors
If thr songs aren't compatable w rhapsody y r they even there?
I've done everything i've been told to do I want my rhapsody back not an assload of error reports!

If I wanted tht i'd stayed w Itunes and Itunes SUCKS!

  • 1655 days ago via site
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in a house w mostly girls all w/end here's the result....ya being adorable is hard work an a little boy :)

Feel VERY sorry for him LOL :D

  • 1659 days ago via site
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1 word described him #Adorable :)

  • 1663 days ago via site
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after sang him to sleep :)
He loves Jo Dee :)

  • 1666 days ago via site
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Be very jealous of my lunch lol

Ya it's tasty :D

  • 1666 days ago via site
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This pic is maybe 2 y/o so he was about 6

Merry Christmas LOL
He looks like a lil deer w antlers :D

  • 1668 days ago via site
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Ya :)

I really want to hear her sing this song :)


  • 1668 days ago via site
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Merry Reebsmas
Can you be my gift this year?
Tweet me time that's all I want :)

  • 1670 days ago via site
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This IS yet the caption below this said:

All fake Reba impersonator

This is Reba i'd know her anywhere from those pretty blue eyes and dimples all the way down to her feet

This is Reba McEntire in this photo
Some people don't know beauty if it smacked them in the face and whoever called my little fake I'd like to smack them 1!

  • 1670 days ago via site
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I had fun gettin these type of BGs
I can get more to anytime I want :)

  • 1670 days ago via site
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