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What's up Norman Glad I haven't missed much today, hope your day was great! I'm making chicks

Just got my order from #OrigamiOwl My mom is gonna love her Mother's Day gift from me and my boys!! ❤️

God he's so fucking cute!!

I think I have a slight problem.. #FollowMe #FollowBack #PrettyPlease

#4NonBlonds #WhstsUp I love listening to all kinds of music.

OMG I love 90s on 9 lol I'm a nerd I know.. I was 5 when Ice Ice Baby came out..

I'm going home to watch A Night at the Roxbury.. I'll be watching movies while I bake! #chea #lol #MovieMorning #Yes

You've been my favorite player since this pic!! I had no clue who you were but you were fine though.

Home of the old 96re.. there is nothing on that plate but gristle and fat!

Every time I hear the song #Animals I wanna get one of the #RegularShow fist pump guns!



How hard is it to pick a font for a two letter logo? It's very hard!.. #indecisiveness is a bitch!! Come on man.

You have officially evolved into Sideshow Bob..

Patty cake patty cake it’s not true.. Not my Jessica…

Going to Cali in one month! Just booked my apt on the strip!! Just me & the babe for 5 days...

Large Marge sent me..

Thanks for the pic Juice!!

That’s house!! Check out my baby boy with his bow tie we called him Peewee Jr lol

#RoccosTacos yumm lol