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Instead of clearing his own heart the zealot tries to clear the world. --Joseph Campbell

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#DCBlackSquirrel 2009-12-01

F Street, Washington, DC 2012-09-25 (Looking Through Harry's Window)

Martha Stewart Tea Plaid

Connecticut Avenue, Interplay WashDC, 2009-09-20 #FoodBanks

The array of available lightbulbs sometimes is astonishing. #nightlights

Home Depot has some really terrific deals going on right now. #checkitout

One of my recent finds. The Encyclopedia of Superstitions. Lots of fun raeding in here.

#Skittenish finds out she has a twin #reflections 2012-07-30

#VintageTshirt 2012-07-27 #NEDC #Ward5

One of my neighbors very generously gave me #tomatoes #yesterday

This is Oscar the two-tone. His coat is less wiry.

I just realized there are two Oscars. This one isn't a two-tone and he's a semilong.

My friend Mr. Jackson says he will be receiving a #PurpleHeart soon. #2012-07-27

#WaPo had a story yesterday that appeared to be a #Rerun but #timeline #fix was no match.

Getting caught in the #rain without an #umbrella yesterday 2012-07-18

#Skittenish climbing near the apple tree 2012-07-09

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Some things are so perfect that you know only God could have created them.

#Alpha is really starting fall in love with me. #CatNeedsAhome #cannotkeepcat

Some things take a long time to learn. I am grateful for good teachers of the Word.