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Here's John Lackey getting ready for his close-up.

Skillz. #RedSox #JBJ

Already double fisting.

Now that all of the important delegates have arrived, we can finally start the meeting. #MyKindOfCrowd

Last drink at Crossroads Ale House. Say it ain't so.

Happening in my office right now. #RedBull #BenGrimm #Throwdown

Thought was rewarding my brand loyalty with my own custom flavor. Turns out it's just cranberry. #RedBull

Thank you,

Monty Python's Holy Grail Ale is a thing. An awesome thing.

Thank you, . #ASM700

How can it be that I've watched "Christmas Vacation" 1000 times but just tonight noticed the crotch grab in this scene?

's Emmy is real. And it is spectacular.

Alright who wants to split these with me over some whiskey for lunch?


No night game means I catch up on reading. Thanks, .

Hope they plan to leave this for the balance of the season. #RedSox #Pesky

Pesky tribute in effect. Godspeed, number 6.

How come this blimp never flies over Fenway? Screw that Hood Milk shit.

My new office mate.

My correspondent on the scene informs me that is "fucking awesome." I knew that already.