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Thank you, Sonic.

I'm gonna go ahead and replace "September" with "2014."

Napoli and Pedroia activate Wonder Twin Powers. With a bald head butt. #RedSox

Breakfast of champions, no? #MadeInIreland

Welcome back, Twinkies. #FuckYeah

This is our "Red Sox, we are not amused" face. #Dinklage #RedSox

I don't know shyte about hockey, but this photo pretty much says it all. #Bruins #StanleyCup

If has its own version of The Avengers, these guys are surely three of them

Just David Ortiz hangin' at the Bruins game, bein' awesome.

I wanna remake "Boyz in tha Hood" so Ortiz can play Furious Styles. #RedSox

Normally I'd think some dude hanging around a kids' clubhouse with a fake mustache would be creepy-ish. #WhoButWB

Your move, Jonny Gomes. #RedSox

Send beer.

If you need me, I'll be here.

On my TV right now. #DoctorWho #TomBaker #GodspeedSarahJane

Scariest commercial ever. #RedSox

They should just keep this issue on the newsstand forever. #RedSox

You see the oddest things in Dedham.

David Ross: BEER KILLER #RedSox

Damn straight.