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Oh crashed. I think it’s bcox of twerking. Please fix? Cc

I’m being super bitchy but doesn’t Amanda’s “sister” passable as her daughter??? #BB15

For the fans. cover for this month #getlucky

What a conversation with me and is like #iOS7

Hi there huge ass #LizzyCaplan.

let’s fucking trade ASAP

Having withdrawals

PVZ2 and PVZ are working on #iOS7 now RED ALERT

YESSS #bestsongever leaked and it's a SMASH! No Liam Payne solo tho. The fuq

Do I believe or #worldwarZ

Where's the #wecantstop support group ? I can't stop listening!

HER? herp derp. WHO? I heart Ann. #arresteddevelopment

I got into the UFC through . I'm going to miss you buddy. Ironically I'm wearing the last fight shirt.

So a new jackass movie is the untitled movie ?

Oh hey will this hat at work?

So ummm showed me how to add voting arrows on alien blue. Life. Changing.

WHOAAA . I had no idea!

OMGGGG another one. LOLOLOLOL cc

Oh god. just had me in stitches again. This is fucking hilarious.

Wow. madness almost made me cry