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Super Best Henshin Belt Kamen Rider W Driver that I just received from earlier today!

  • 385 days ago via site
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I have no idea how Shout! Factory got access to the PSAs that ran after MMPR, but I'm glad that we have them :)

  • 421 days ago via site
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The back of the nicely articulated Red Ranger helmet where you can store everything included in the package!

  • 421 days ago via site
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A picture of the specially designed Red Ranger helmet to contain everything included in the package! Nicely made!

  • 421 days ago via site
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Another pic of the DVD disc containers with info of contents on the back. Sorry for not being able to make em out

  • 421 days ago via site
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The back of the DVD containers which describe the contents of the DVDs inside which is very helpful!

  • 421 days ago via site
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Some of the nicely designed DVD containers that represent the logos of the respected Ranger teams and their series

  • 421 days ago via site
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The booklet that comes with the Power Rangers Legacy Collection that I just got earlier from Fedex ^^

  • 421 days ago via site
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4th and final lithograph that I received from Shout! Factory featuring Power Rangers SPD to Power Rangers RPM

  • 436 days ago via site
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3rd lithograph that I recently received featuring Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue to Power Rangers Dino Thunder

  • 436 days ago via site
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The second lithograph featuring Power Rangers Zeo to Power Rangers Lost Galaxy that I recently received

  • 436 days ago via site
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The first of 4 lithographs that I got as compensation for the 20th anniversary legacy collection production delay

  • 436 days ago via site
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Got my copy of Batman: Arkham Origins as well as Necessary Evil: Super villains of DC Comics documentary today.

  • 491 days ago via site
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This is going to be as close as I'm going to get to owning any merchandise from Choujuu Sentai Liveman.

  • 503 days ago via site
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Finally managed to snag a copy of Kamen Rider Battride War for the PS3! This game is definitely worth getting.

  • 510 days ago via site
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Kamen Rider Wizard Land Dragon Wizard Ring Set that I received today that I bought on Ebay for $20

  • 512 days ago via site
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I ordered the DX Hurricane Dragon ring and forgot that I already own the capsule toy versions of them! Oops, lol

  • 518 days ago via site
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Travelers: Dimensional Police starring Nao Nagasawa from Hurricaneger and Ayumi Kinoshita from Dekaranger

  • 555 days ago via site
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The DX Shiroi Shiroi Mahōtsukai Driver that I received from today. I really like the new design for this.

  • 568 days ago via site
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The latest haul of stuff that I got from today including Zyudenchi Legend Sentai Series set 01 and more

  • 580 days ago via site
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