17. Junior. Dont dream too much, it ruins reality. I admit to being very indecisive. Oh and I have a dimple. :)

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is the most genuinely nice person ever! #govcandidate #sosweet #benfor66th

I used 6 packets of ketchup.... And I had a milkshake in freezing weather. Yeah, I'm about that life. #whatwhat

Jamming out to music on spotify and packing.... This is my life ATM.

My new phone case! I love so much!

Getting woken up by at 12:00 with pillows thrown at me saying "It's your birthday!" #priceless

Just got schooled at Clue by a 8 year old. #wegottold

Waking up to cute snapchats from cute people!

Someone please get him for me!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

This is what and I got for being good today... Was it b/c we weren't being teenagers? #imabigkidnow

Did I just snapchat all my y&g friends this picture? Maybe. But I mean look at him! ❤

Did I get send out a mass snapchat of this to all my Y&G friends? Maybe. Look at him! ❤

Got her Christmas gift. It's so awesome I wish I got it for myself!!!

Did you know I met yesterday? He's so chill, looked kinda mad though. He looks like a

Homemade gifts from a first grader are always the best! #loveit #littlebrothersgifttomyfamily #socute

My two favorite people in one picture!!! Gah I love them so much!!! #emmastone #ryangosling

Started this morning off by watching Easy A with ! Why is Emma Stone so perfect!?!

My text conversations with ... Lol #lakers #familyguy #loveher

Watching Star Wars with my little brother. #starwars #qualitysiblingtime #spike

Lol best white girl ever! #honeybooboo #shesgonnaregretthisall #lovethisquote

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