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The Sungrazer citizen science project, sungrazing and near-Sun comets, #ISON, ESA/NASA SOHO and STEREO images, the Sun, and more! (Tweets by Karl Battams)

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Very pretty CME blasted out from the Sun a few hours ago, as seen by / SOHO/LASCO C2

  • 971 days ago via site
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Wow, that bright SOHO/LASCO Kreutz looks impressive! Maybe mag 3 or so, but will soon just be vapor...

  • 1086 days ago via site
  • 3,829

We have a new Kreutz sungrazing comet in / SOHO/LASCO C3. Should get quite bright!

  • 1087 days ago via site
  • 4,754

Behold the beauty of comet #ISON in SOHO/SWAN! ... OK, not beautiful but still pretty cool!

  • 1094 days ago via site
  • 1,633

This bright sungrazing comet in / SOHO/LASCO C3 is now just hours away from total vaporization

  • 1135 days ago via site
  • 4,194

Here comes another one! Another fairly bright Kreutz sungrazer racing to its demise in / SOHO/LASCO C3

  • 1135 days ago via site
  • 3,882

Unfortunate, yet fully expected: the recent bright Sungrazer vaporized as it approached the Sun in / SOHO

  • 1137 days ago via site
  • 916

In the latest / SOHO/LASCO C3 images, the new Sungrazer continues to shine bright!

  • 1138 days ago via site
  • 2,734

One of the brightest Sungrazers we've seen in a long time in / SOHO/LASCO C3. Will get VERY bright...

  • 1139 days ago via site
  • 2,855

On Dec 12 of this year, STEREO-A will view Mercury transit the Sun! Cool!

  • 1145 days ago via site
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This 2003 "newspaper" article about UFOs in SOHO data hangs framed in my office. I love it!

  • 1267 days ago via site
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This is awesome: There's a small Kreutz-sungrazer comet in the same images as #PanSTARRS!

  • 1295 days ago via site
  • 2,016

This really does not get old! Another breathtaking image of #PanSTARRS from STEREO-B

  • 1295 days ago via site
  • 1,800

CME meets comet (maybe) in this image of #PanSTARRS taken by the NASA STEREO-B satellite

  • 1296 days ago via site
  • 3,008

One parting shot before #PanSTARRS set below the horizon

  • 1298 days ago via site
  • 551

While I fight w/ my movie software, here's another image processed slightly differently

  • 1298 days ago via site
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Check. This. Out! WOW! Comet #PanSTARRS just a few hours ago in STEREO HI-1B

  • 1298 days ago via site
  • 9,071

Here's a basic "pretty" picture I made of #PanSTARRS in STEREO (img date: Mar 10, 2013 ~20UT)

  • 1298 days ago via site
  • 1,211

Managed to slightly enhance striae in Comet #PanSTARRS' tail, but think I can still do better. Will keep trying...

  • 1298 days ago via site
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The STEREO-B spacecraft is not only watching Comet #PanSTARRS -- it sees both Earth and Mercury right now!

  • 1299 days ago via site
  • 2,591

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