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Social Media Developer for Leeds City College, Time Lord, the man behind @LookASingh and curator of Pizza

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Happy plug is happy

This comic made me chuckle

This Business Cat Meme made me chuckle

hey, seen the Aquabats Supershow? I'm surprised you've not written an article about it

You can't make this stuff up! #BreakingBad

This is my favourite phrase from #Workaholics #Yolo

Bright & sunny day in the shire today, it's just a shame it's a wee bit chilly

Me likey my new mobile phone charger...

Hey Mel & Sue... You guys have changed...

The 20p coin makes me want to visit #Gibraltar

Gotta Love Donnie #WolfOfWallStreet

Gotta love Donnie #WolfOfWallStreet

So today's been a strange day

So today I'm taking photos of getting a manicure

you legend!

Got into work to find a new Coaster on my desk #Tuesday

Ok so I'm watching again... I also want to visit #Norway

I've only just had breakfast, yet I can feel a packet of crisps staring at me.

So today I tried to hack the Instagram iOS app to allow multiple instances... It's safe to say I've failed (for now)